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Commercial Waste Management in Eastbourne

JM Waste Management is a leading provider of commercial waste management services for businesses in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

An Environmental Agency certified waste carrier with over 16 years of industry experience, we provide tailormade solutions for cost-effective prices. We offer a broad range of waste management services for businesses across all industries and sectors, ensuring full compliance with appropriate regulations.

Our services are available on flexible schedules, Monday to Friday, with affordable pricing and no extra costs.

Contact JM Waste Management today for more information or a free quote for our waste management services in Eastbourne.

Wheelie Bin Supply and Collection

We offer affordable wheelie supply and collection services for businesses throughout Eastbourne. Suitable for all sectors and industries, our wheelie bin collection service streamlines your waste management processes.

As we recycle your waste, expect huge savings on landfill fees while boosting your green efforts by reducing your carbon footprint.

Choose from a selection of wheelie bin sizes to store your commercial rubbish, with maximum weights ranging from 20kg to 80kg. We have bins that accommodate all types of commercial waste, including general waste, mixed dry recyclables, and glass.

With flexible collection schedules and affordable pricing, our wheelie bin collection service in Eastbourne offers great savings.

Food Waste Disposal

As landfill fees continue to soar, food waste disposal is becoming an increasingly appealing option for hospitality businesses in Eastbourne. We offer affordable food waste disposal services that recycle 100% of your food waste.

The less food in your general waste, the less likely you are to see excess bin weight charges, meaning more savings for your company. Our food recycling process also reduces your carbon footprint, reflecting well on your business.

We offer flexible food waste disposal services for businesses throughout Eastbourne, with options for ongoing and one-off collections available.

Clinical Waste Removal

We offer dependable clinical waste removal services for healthcare organisations throughout Eastbourne. Our clinical waste removal service is suitable for non-infectious clinical waste, known as offensive waste, including swabs, bandages, and dressings.

We use Tiger bags for non-infectious clinical waste, ensuring your business is fully compliant with regulations. Our licensed waste carriers operate on flexible schedules Monday to Friday, with weekly and fortnightly collections available to accommodate your requirements.

Confidential Waste Disposal

We are a leading provider of confidential waste disposal services for businesses throughout Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Our confidential waste disposal service follows strict regulations to ensure safe, legal destruction of sensitive information about your business, clients, suppliers, or employees.

We use trackable data sacks that are signed for and numbered to ensure full transparency during confidential waste disposal. Once we destroy the sensitive data, we provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Asbestos Disposal

We provide fast and reliable asbestos disposal services across Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

If you detect asbestos during routine work or renovation, it's vital to contact a certified waste carrier to handle its removal and disposal. Our team safely removes and disposes of all types of asbestos, ensuring your business complies with regulations.