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Where to Spend and Where to Save When Ready to sell ? Home staging tips from the experts..

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Home staging is all about enhancing a house to appeal to the most number of potential buyers. It may be obvious but your house needs to look well cared for and attractive to sell for the price you’re hoping for.

Here are some common tricks and tips for home staging that you can use when selling your property - how we live in our homes and how we present them for sale are often very different things.

the basics

It sounds really obvious but first impressions really do count , so throw open the windows to freshen up but don’t use chemical air fresheners which can give the impression you are hiding nasty smells.

Keep pets and all their paraphernalia outside or in the utility room during viewings, and sprinkle around drops of essential oil, such as lemon, bergamot or geranium, for a spot of aromatherapy.

Leave your estate agent to conduct the viewings and let the house sell itself.

Why stage your home ? Have you ever viewed a show home on a new development and felt so at home you wanted to move in right away, or felt inspired to go home and make some changes in your own house?

Property developers and interior designers work closely with estate agents to create the right look and feel for target buyers.

Don’t forget that your house could be competing with a new build down the road (which may have stamp duty and part exchange incentives), so your house needs to have some major selling points, too.

In the US they take staging seriously and staged houses typically sell in half the time and for 8-10% more than unstaged ones, according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

Your kitchen Save

Most experts agree It’s rarely worth the time and expense of buying a new kitchen when you’re selling .

Your buyer is likely to have different requirements and taste, and the kitchen will often be updated or replaced by the new owners anyway.

Kitchens do sell houses, however, so make it look as good as possible without ripping it out and starting again.

Consider replacing worktops and splashbacks, or even just re-grouting your tiles.

Decorative touches, such as fresh flowers, fruit in a bowl and coordinating small appliances, and keeping the worktops as clear and clutter free as possible maximise the sense of space and implies having plenty of storage.

Give each room a purpose

If you using a bedroom as a study, walk-in wardrobe, playroom or boxroom, present it as a bedroom when you come to sell - number of bedrooms is a valuable selling point.

Consider buying a cheap bed and make it up – you can always sell it later on if it isn’t needed in your new home.

Start packing what you won’t need for the next few months and put into storage.

Kerb appeal - first impressions count !

You may not notice the cracks in the render or the plants growing out of the downpipe, but your buyers will, so get it addressed before you go on the market.

Start a list of everything that needs doing - weeding , address cracked paving & dirty windows and slipped roof tiles. Buyers will either be put off, or make a low offer if they feel your home isn’t well cared for. Investing in laying a new driveway or path is generally not necessary , but gravel is an inexpensive and popular landscaping option, so use it if your path needs an upgrade.

Tidy your room !

Your mum was right ..

Your bedroom should be a calm oasis of calm and serenity - and not a dumping ground - have a tidy up, and maybe treat yourself to some bed linen and a bunch of flowers - you'll notice improvement in your sleep too.

Display some of your prized possessions

mug shelf ,bathroom bottle or candles. just about any display of coordinated accessories will do - they don’t have to absolutely match, but if you pick out an even mix of materials, colours and finishes that complement each other, and group (at least five, more than 10 is better)

in a carefully arranged huddle, you’ll get a good-looking result like this.

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