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Read up on these 7 Green superheroes

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These guys are amongst the most followed and influential of the green living , sustainable movement offering advice on fashion, living & food and drink.

Behind Curiously Conscious is ethical lifestyle blogger Besma . Her blog offers advice on sustainable food, fashion, travel and beauty and she has over 4,000 followers on Social media.

Her philosophy is ‘be kinder to the earth, each other and ourselves’

“I started Curiously Conscious as a way to document the changes I was making to live in a more sustainable way; it first started with my diet, and came to encapsulate my lifestyle, covering natural beauty, ethical fashion, eco-travel and more. Three years on, and I’m delighted to find myself amongst a large community all doing the same - looking for kinder ways to live!”

Read her article here : Recipes To Fight Food Waste.

Frugal family

Mum and blogger Cass offers tips and advice on how to save money in order to spend more time with her family including lots of batch recipe ideas, and budgeting.

" In the spirit of making the most of every moment, I was very aware that working full time meant that I wasn’t spending as much quality time as I wanted with my children. We couldn’t afford for me to drop to part time so we had to drastically change our spending habits and make some life changes to free up the money to allow me to do this "

Eat Sleep Organic

Sustainable fashion tips, vegan living & going organic on this blog written by Lifestyle bloggers and Gwyneth Paltrow clones Natalie and Ceri.

"You can be eating the perfect clean diet and yet if you are constantly feeling stressed and anxious its pretty hard to thrive and be healthy.  This is something that we are both learning and over the past year as someone who is studying nutrition I've come to realise that taking care of your mental health is as important as what you are eating"

Minimalism, a documentary that examines our attachment to 'things' and how might your life be better with less.


Kate Arnell has spent the last four years living a zero-waste lifestyle and shares tips on how to reduce the amount of waste you use, as well as looking at buying organic and sustainable fashion.

check out this video

Sustainably Simple

24-year-old Londoner Rachel offers up easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life.

Recipes, new brands, (or a fair trade cocktail recipe…) sustainably simple is a great site to follow if you’re looking to make small changes to live a greener life

Fat Gay Vegan

Fat, Gay Vegan is a chronicle of one man’s journey through the wonderful world of plant-based food.

Full of vegan comfort food and the best places to eat out, FGV even runs a vegan food market in London.

Search for the perfect vegan burger as well as advice on how to ‘Eat, Drink and Live like you give a sh!t’ - the title of his new book which you can preview here.


Interviews with everyone from People Tree to Moon Cup with frank discussions on achievable ways to live a bit greener.

We're not going to do everything right every day. But we can, collectively, go in together on the little changes that add up to a big impact.”

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