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Need an incentive to declutter? 7 companies that reward you for donating unwanted items

Trading in a bag of old clothes in return for a voucher?

Yes please. #trashfortreasure

Here are seven companies trying to combat that, by offering customers a voucher or free product in return for their unwanted things or empty packaging.

Since 2013, H&M have had collection points in their stores worldwide for customers to drop bags of clothes in, regardless of their condition.

Every time a shopper donates a bag of textiles, they receive a £5 voucher off their next £30 shop.

Levi's clothes recycling initiative in the UK offers customers a 10 per cent discount on Levi's products, in return for leaving a bag of any brand of clean, dry clothes or shoes at their collection boxes in store.

Every year, the UK discards roughly 350,000 tons of unwanted clothing into unsustainable landfills and a recent survey from Barnardo’s showed that the majority of women only wear garments an average of seven times before pushing them to the back of the wardrobe or throwing them away.

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Apple UK say they'll recycle any qualifying Apple device online and at any Apple Store, and in return you'll receive a gift card. The device is then either refurbished for resale, or the materials are recycled responsibly.

One of the most commited high street chains to recycling & sustainability ,

As a commitment to protecting the environment, many of Lush's products come without any packaging at all.

But for the liquid and jelly products that do, return and trade in five empty pots to receive a free face mask.

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Take your old laptop, tablet, phone, or gaming console to a Microsoft store and if it has value, they'll give you a Microsoft Store credit. If it doesn't, they wipe your data and safely recycle it for

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