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Kitchen makeovers using recycled materials

10 Alternative Materials for Your Kitchen Worktop

Brass, bamboo, recycled paper... Here’s why a new raft of kitchen worktop choices are worth checking out

Originally published by Houzz 22 August 2019

If you're planning a refurb soon , check out some of these unusual , budget-friendly and green alternatives for kitchen make overs.

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Big up bamboo

Bamboo is becoming more popular for interiors as it's Fast-growing , hardy & highly sustainable .

It's also anti bacterial , waterproof and an excellent insulator - look out for carbonised bamboo for a darker shade.

As with wooden surfaces, a bamboo worktop will need re-treating from time to time to keep it watertight and in tip-top condition

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Reuse with recycled paper

Paper is an interesting material in the eco worktop world. It can be manufactured in various colours and finishes, including the dramatic matt black seen in this kitchen.

The heat-resistant product is made from either recycled or – sometimes – FSC-certified paper, or a combination of both, combined with resin, and can be refinished to maintain it and repair wear and tear.

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Add warmth with copper

Copper adds lots of character to any interior.

recyclable and durable - it can be used over and over again

Splashbacks and worktops are typically

made by gluing a thin sheet of copper onto wood for the desired thickness, so it can fairly easily be tailored to all sorts of kitchen layouts and designs.

It stains and marks easily though .. You’ll either love the lived-in patina that comes with this or it’ll drive you nuts.

Celebrate building materials When you think of solid wood worktops, you might think: expensive.

Choose from new boards or source pre-loved ones that can be sanded down. The latter will probably have a little more character, but wood is wood and fresh boards will equally age beautifully.

For a professional carpenter or joiner, turning the boards into a solid surface is not a complicated job. Consider how you’ll have the surface sealed – a coloured oil or wax means you can tailor the shade of your finish. Suitable oil or wax will condition the wood while rendering it water-resistant, while varnish will coat the surface. Ensure any finish you choose is suitable and safe for food preparation.

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