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Handy Hints To Keep your Patio Perky this summer

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

10 Ways to Keep your outdoor space looking Good All Summer

The hotter months can exhaust an outdoor space, so perk it up with a little trick or two

The hot weather is causing havoc for gardeners - the rest of us are LOVING it

and desperate to spend as much time as we can outdoors while it lasts - check out these ( sometimes obvious ) tips and tricks courtesy of Houzz ..

Whether you refresh your pots, add a lick of paint, squeeze in extra planting or just have a cushion changeover, it doesn’t take much to make the good looks last longer.

Try a couple of these ideas.

A woodwork refresh can have a transformative effect. Use it to coordinate different elements of your outdoor space and brighten things up.

Refresh Your Woodwook

Cheap and easy to do and the hints of yellow smarten up the look of the shed and bench seating perfectly.

A new coat of whitewash on an adjacent wall also helps to brighten up a dark corner and give a fresh feel.

Living Canopies

A climber can add vertical interest in spaces that are too small for trees.

Look for any feature close to your own patio that a plant could climb, such as a fence post, trellis or shed, and if there isn’t a flowerbed close by – use a large planter instead and just be sure to keep it well watered.

Choose climbers that suit your conditions and, if you like a scented garden, ones that can add fragrance, too, such as jasmine or honeysuckle.

Keep on top of maintenance It may not be your favourite job in the garden, but keeping a patio clean and in good order is always well worth the effort.

Sweep frequently, but if the dirt starts to look ingrained or there are any stained areas, always use the cleaning method and products recommended by your supplier.

Some types of stone, such as limestone, require non-acidic soaps and may need to be resealed across their lifespan.

Freshen up seating Frequently brush down built-in or permanent outdoor seating and tidy up planters.

Re-cover outdoor cushions for a new look that doesn’t cost the earth. Try hardworking cotton or cotton/polyester-mix fabrics designed for the outdoors that can be washed or wiped down. Even one or two new covers will make a difference.

Pots & Planters

Easy fix and looks stunning - paint your planters and pots to match or complement each other and group together of different heights.

Keep an eye on them and make sure you’re feeding and watering them enough. Lift any spring bulbs and plant up the pots anew with late-summer flowerers.

Always aim for interest throughout the year across a collection of containers, with a mix of evergreens and perennials underplanted with spring- or autumn-flowering bulbs.

Awnings & Shade Sails

These bad boys can cost thousands and definately an investment option, awnings are worth considering, as it can make a huge difference to a patio.

If designed and positioned well, a pull-out shade like this can extend a property’s indoor-outdoor space and provide year-round shelter from sun and rain.

I've personally got a sail shade, which has been great in this weather, and can be bought online from under £10.00 and is ridiculously easy to put up and take down!

Use it to cover a seating or dining area and you won’t need an umbrella, which can often block the view of the garden if it’s positioned centrally on a patio

Garden umbrellas and cushions can start to fade with frequent exposure to the sun, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace garden furniture completely. Buy a new set of cushions and a matching umbrella and it will perk up your patio pieces no end.

Go for a completely different colour to the one you had before and it will feel as if you’ve had a garden makeover.

Light up

Enjoy your outdoor space a little longer into the evening by stringing up festoon-style lighting.

Alternatively, hang up a run of individual solar bulbs for a more eco-friendly version of the festoon look.

uplight sculptural plants to add interest at eye level.

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