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Don't Sell Your Home Until You've Read This!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

So you've decided to put your property on the market. Try these Estate Agent tips and tricks to get started

Underprice rather than overprice Time spent on the market in a declining market means that your home is decreasing in value, rather than increasing.There is also the potential for higher offers if several buyers are interested and this can help to get the selling price up to where you believe it should be

“The most common mistake we see in this current market, is vendors overpricing their homes in order to win the instruction, many agents will go along with what the vendor insists is the market price, only to have it sit on the market for a long time until the price is lowered later on.”

Time it right Traditionally spring is the perfect time to sell your house; as the days grow longer and gardens begin to bloom, buyers return to the market to view properties in their finest state. However, houses can, and do, sell at other times of the year – autumn can be an ideal time to put your property on the market if you are looking for a motivated buyer who wants to move in time for Christmas.

Schedule viewings during the day “Viewing properties during sunlight hours allows buyers to gauge the quality of natural light coming into the house, so daytime appointments are ideal in this respect,” says Woolgar.

“Polish any glass in the house: light fixtures, chandeliers, glass tabletops, glass inserts in cabinets, mirrors – it’s an easy way to add shine and sparkle,” says Hamilton. “And clean the windows. You want to make sure that it looks sparkling from the inside. Light and shine catch the eye.”

Make yourself scarce during viewings If you are at work when potential buyers come to view the property it can benefit as buyers are more likely to make themselves at home , sit on the sofa ( snoop in cupboards ) and encourage the idea of them living there - they are also more likely to ask more questions which may seem awkward if you're about.

Don’t ‘panic renovate’ The kitchen is commonly recognised as the biggest selling point of a home, but you don’t need to splash out on a new one to make a quicker sale - your taste might not be the same as those of your buyers and the cost will eat into your profit margin - it's also often the first thing buyers tend to change and a cheap fix up job will stick out like a sore thumb.

Check out pinterest for ideas - be warned it's highly addictive ..

Minimise the presence of pets Pets aren't for everyone and can cause allergies - if you have a pet, you’ll also need to minimise signs of his or her presence before viewings.

Ensure your place is hair and pet smell free , clear away toys, feeding bowls etc and ideally make sure they are out of the house when you're having a viewing.

Create that welcome glow Don’t forget about the outside of your home and curb appeal as potential buyers will see first. Have it jet washed as it's cheaper than having your exterior repainted ; just before a viewing, turn all the lights on, indoors and out – even small side lamps: the more light the better.

Don’t make it personal Too much of ‘you’ makes it hard for buyers to see themselves in the home.

your home should inspire the buyer to imagine their life in it, not admire what you have.

Dated heavy furniture, rugs, lamps and loads of family photos age the home.

Groom your garden Don’t forget the garden: it’s important to mow the lawn and trim bushes so they don’t look difficult to manage. Buyers want an outside space that is easy to maintain and look after Add colour with inexpensive plants and keep the garden looking healthy – Water everything from plants to the driveway.

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