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Clever Ways to Reclaim, Restore and Recycle from the team @Houzz

Discover how professionals breathed new life into old objects in these creative renovation projects

These Houzz professionals have used creative ideas to restore or upcycle antique and reclaimed objects to give their projects an interesting, timeless appeal.

If you want to ensure an old piece stays in good condition for years to come, remember to hire a skilled expert to do any restoration work.


Reclaimed Flooring

When you have a great idea, it’s worth putting in the effort.

The team at ALL & NXTHING proved this with his kitchen island worktop. The 3.3m-long unit is covered with reclaimed parquet flooring – The project required hours scraping bitumen off the bottom of each piece of wood. However the hard work paid off as the result is a unique and beautiful worktop that adds bags of character.

Tour the rest of this Victorian home

Use original fittings

This vintage radiator was already in place in this Victorian flat, but it had a chrome finish. as it was scraped back the copper was revealed underneath.

See more of this dingy Victorian flat that gained light and character.

Interior by Emilie Fournet

Get clever with cabinets

With a little imagination you can turn tired cabinets - or TV's !

into bathroom furniture, bars ...

Dare to bare

Many Victorian places have built in cupboards , usually covered in layers of gloss or badly stripped ..

It's a thankless task as i've done it myself , try not to be tempted to rip them out though - the below shows how beautiful the original feature can be if you get an expert in to strip back the wood for you...

In the below picture a door was added giving access to the bottom of the cabinet and looks part of the original design.

Tiled Hallways

These look stunning and definately worth the time & effort.

Vintage Floor Tiles here:

There's another article here on Victorian features here:

Local Salvage Yards to try...

Authentic Reclamation

Rustys Reclamation

Hastings Reclamation

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