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Christmas zero waste challenge: how to have a minimal waste festive season with maximum fun

Christmas is coming !

It's a time of celebration, consumption and over-indulgence for us so in the next few week's I'll be passing on tips from zero-waste experts on how to fill your home with festive cheer, from Christmas trees to decorations, gift wrap and crackers.

The only thing you need to feel ( slightly ) guilty about is your hangover...

Originally published by The Evening Standard

This Week - Christmas Trees :

Did you know ..

each household's waste increases by 30 per cent over the festive period across the UK.
We throw out 300,000 tonnes of card packaging each year.
One billion cards and enough tin foil to cover Suffolk.
Six million Christmas trees. 
Your artificial tree would need to be used for 11 years to offset the use of oil to produce the plastic
A six-foot tree typically takes about nine years to grow, during which time they provide a habitat for wildlife, consume carbon dioxide and create oxygen - so they are generally carbon positive. 
The issues come with transportation and disposal, and take years to decompose on landill sites, releasing methane which is said to have 25 times the potency of carbon dioxide.
We recycle the Green Waste processed at our Eastbourne Waste Transfer Site into compost !

The most eco-friendly way to get a Christmas tree is to buy – or rent – a potted one that can replanted year after year, as locally as possible to reduce the carbon footprint.

I buy mine from Sussex Fruits on Bexhill Road ( Opposite TK MAXX )

Or , if you're creative and crafty - check out some ideas here

Let Us Know what you get up to and share your tips on Social Media ..

Next blog - Decorations !

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