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9 Organising Lessons From Tiny Spaces

Furnishing a small room or want to live a more clutter free life - some great ideas and inspiration here :

Exploit vertical space walls above shelving are a huge waste of space . Go high ! – right up to the ceiling and even over a doorway.

Putting shelves above a doorway wall will provide masses of storage, and as the shelves are hidden from view as you enter, the room will still feel airy and spacious.

Work around architecture The architecture of your home shouldn’t hamper your needs – you just have to work around it. By using open shelving rather than solid cupboards, they’ve kept the area feeling light and bright.

Build hidden storage into furniture If space is at a premium, building fitted furniture into your scheme, whether shelves or a window seat, will ensure every last inch is useful.

don’t miss the opportunity to hide storage inside. Cupboards or drawers that can be accessed from the front are ideal, and can be used for everything from out-of-season clothes to home office files. Failing that, a lift-up lid can do the job.

Free up drawer space small kitchens can become overcluttered quickly and appear messy.

Store & hang everyday items so they are readily available on hooks or shelves. it frees up drawer space for less useful and unattractive items.

kitchens without wall units will feel larger. Win win.

Make a place for everything When you’re designing storage, you have to create it for a specific purpose. Why? That way it’ll get used properly – possibly by even the messiest members of the family.

More Utility Room Ideas

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