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5 Reasons To Live By The Sea

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Living by the sea really is good for you and now there’s evidence to back that up. Environmental psychologist Dr Lewis Elliot reveals the benefits to live by the sea

Article originally published in Coast Magazine 

I love it here - born and bred locally in St Leonards and working in Bexhill  after a few jaunts abroad and in a couple of UK cities, returned to East Sussex nearly 12 years ago and didn't realise how much I missed living by the sea. 

We've all heard that sea air is good for you  -

St Leonards was a destination from stressed out Londoners hundreds of years ago ( pre DFL's  - DownFromLondon ) and FILTH's  -( FailedInLondonTryingHastings)  and those suffering from TB ( at The Eversfield Hospital on West Hill ) spent time on the coast to recouperate

Well, now there is evidence to back up the theory that being by the sea makes us happier and healthier  - even looking at it reduces heart rates and improves mood. 

A team at the University of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment & Human Health are unravelling the tangible benefits of breathing in the fresh sea air.

1. You don’t have to get your feet wet to reap the health benefits – even just a view of the sea can promote reductions in heart rate and improvements in mood

2. People rate their mental & physical  health better if  they live within 5km of the British coastline

3. And more likely to exercise regularly if you live within 1km of the English coastline

4. The UK economy could benefit to the tune of £176m of healthcare savings per year from water-based recreation alone.





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