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10 easy hacks to live a greener life in 2020

improve your carbon footprint with these simple fixes

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Use your voice Consider switching your pension and bank accounts to companies that don’t invest in fossil fuels.

If done on a collective basis, this will send a clear message to businesses and governments that this is important to people.

Avoid anything single use

Let bugs live Cut pesticide use, grow insect-friendly plants and refraining from lawn mowing are encouraged.

Shop vintage & second hand The clothing industry creates more emissions than aviation and shipping combined

Hastings & Bexhill have plenty around - you can also shop online at Oxfam, Rokit, Beyond Retro and Brag, among a host of others.

Explore flight-free holiday options The UK has 15 stunning national parks.

Research rail travel to European destinations, consider Interrailing and house-swapping schemes at destinations reachable by rail or road.


Fear not the used electric car market Used electric vehicles work out cheaper over five years of ownership.

If you own a high-emission car exchanging it for one with a conventional petrol engine, can cut your driving emissions by more than a third, while halving your road tax.

if you buy a second- or thirdhand EV,you could potentially lower your carbon footprint by two thirds.

Buy refurbished or remanufactured electronics Smartphones contain 100g of minerals, which involves mining 30kg of rock to find it, according to a Greenpeace report.

Friends of the Earth estimate that each smartphone requires 12,760 litres of water (160 baths)

Plan your meals Buy only what you will eat and home compost your food waste.

If it ends up in landfill, it can produce the greenhouse gas methane.

Meal planning and shopping lists are key, and will make your life a lot easier. Look for batch-cooking ideas online to save time and energy.


Make meat a treat While going vegan is ideal, even reducing your meat and dairy consumption can have a big impact.

Beef and lamb are the biggest offenders and most dairy products are likely to have substantially higher carbon footprints than vegetables

Even cutting out meat and dairy until dinnertime is worthwhile.

Put on a Jumper before reaching for the thermostat


Did you know ?

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