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Around 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away in the UK every year, mostly ending up in landfills creating damaging greenhouse gases that harm our environment. The UK is fast running out of landfill space, with predictions that landfills will be full in the next three years.

With an increase of customers demanding for more environmentally friendly practices, recycling food waste and reducing your carbon footprint is a good place to start.

With the costs of general waste spiralling, having your food waste collected separately can be cheaper than paying for excess bin weight charges on your general waste.

Following feedback & interest from our customers who are keen to recycle their food waste & reducing their carbon footprint we've teamed up with CIBUS waste to provide this service. 


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You'll be supplied a free caddy and some bags to start you off to transport your kitchen waste to your 240lt Food Waste wheelie  bin.

The food bins are collected by specialist vehicles, with a new liner into your wheelie bin after each collection 

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what can i put in my bin ?

The food waste is transported to an Anaerobic Digestion Plant to be turned into renewable Energy & Fertiliser.

what can i

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my bin ?

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