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Asbestos & Hazardous Waste 

Whether asbestos has been discovered at your site , you have sensitive data you wish to dispose of or you are in the Clinical . Healthcare of Medical sectors - 

We have the solutions to handle your waste safely & securely.

Our tailor made ,  flexible waste management service operates across Hastings, Bexhill , Eastbourne , Brighton .East Sussex & the East Sussex area across to the Kent borders

Tiger Bags  

As part of our continued expansion we can now offer a collection & disposal service of Tiger Bags for non infectious  clinical, medical & healthcare waste  and medical equipment for providers within these sectors:

  • Nursing & Care facilities

  • Dental & GP practises

  • Pharmacies & Chemists

  • Tattoo & Beauty Therapists.


If you are unsure whether asbestos has been discovered during your Construction project or confirmed at site , JM Waste Management can help.

We can supply covered, lockable skips for the safe disposal of asbestos, and testing if required.

If larger quantities have been discovered we can arrange testing & site surveys by our asbestos specialist and recommend the most cost effective and efficient solution & disposal for you.

Data Shredding

In addition to our Commercial Waste collection service we offer an easy solution to ensure you dispose of any sensitive data securely & responsibly.

Our trackable data sacks are signed for, numbered & once

destroyed, come with a Certificate Of Destruction.

No hidden costs, everything is included in the price of the sacks.

Our flexible services covers Hastings , Bexhill , Eastbourne across East Sussex, Monday - Friday. 

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Cement bonded asbestos is the only asbestos material which can be removed by a house holder.

This is typically found as corrugated roofing or flat sheets to garages and sheds.

amosite is a particularly strong and heat-resistant type of asbestos that was commonly used in cement sheet, plumbing insulation and electrical insulation. Though all types of asbestos are toxic, amosite asbestos exposure has a comparatively higher cancer risk.

Chrysotile fibres are usually fine in texture, possessing high flexibility and good heat resistant properties, making it ideal for use in cement, brake pads/linings and roofing materials.

Crocidolite has very thin fibres and, if inhaled, are easily lodged in the lungs.


It’s thin fibres and brittle nature make crocidolite one of the most harmful forms of asbestos, as it easily breaks down and leads to asbestos exposure.

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