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Food Waste - Are you doing enough ?

27-Jun-2017 12:21:00 Victoria Gaymer Waste Management, Green Living, food Banks, supermarkets, Food Waste, War On Waste, Food, Recycle

The world's first Zero Waste Supermarket opened in February this year amid much publicity and to promote awareness of the shocking facts and figures around Food Waste and recycling.

Last year the FairShare Project redistributed enough food for 18.3 million meals .



The Real Junk Food Project based in Leeds has followed suit with great sucess since it's opening in September due to its sucess of the "Pay As You Feel "  Cafes , launched in 2014.

It's founder Adam Smith told the Guardian - "Usually we donate it [leftover food] to local schools but over the summer we ended up with all this surplus and we wondered how we would get rid of it," Mr Smith said.

They now operate a Nationwide network to feed "Bellies Not Bins" . They receive on average between two and 10 tonnes of food at its warehouse every day."We moved it to one part of the warehouse, put a notice up on social media asking people to come and get it, and it just went mad."

Adam Smith Founder of The Real Junk Food Project



The "War On Waste"

 High Profile chefs Jamie Oliver & Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall are popular figures in the campaign for Food Waste Reduction.

In Jamie's Friday Night Feast show  -  he and his old mukka Jimmy Doherty actively promote the use of Wonky Veg( now sold by Supermarkets 30% cheaper than "normal " shaped vegetables due to public reaction and pressure ) and how to reduce the amount of Waste we produce.

Olio - The Food Share App

Hugh's much publisised War On Waste campaign highlighted that many food producers are losing their businessesses and livlihoods from Supermarkets strict standards on the appearance of their produce.

What are your thoughts on the UK following France in opening it's first Zero Waste Supermarket ?

Should us the consumers,  Waste Management Operators and Food Businesses be doing more ?

There's lots of resources and handy hints out there, here are just a few... 

  • Check out my infographic highlighting the facts and figures

  • Doms Food Mission - A local charity based in Hastings committed to reducing Food Waste and helping the local community in need of assistance. 
  • For a list of "Pay As You Feel " Cafes in the South run by the Real Food Project

  • Fare Share - Rescue food and donate to charities.
  • Feedback  - Feedback is an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. 

  • Love Food Hate Waste-  A great website with lots of advice and tips on how to reduce your food bills and reduce Food Waste..

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