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5 Reasons To Live By The Sea

Living by the sea really is good for you and now there’s evidence to back that up. Environmental psychologist Dr Lewis Elliot reveals the benefits to live by the sea

Article originally published in Coast Magazine 

I love it here - born and bred locally in St Leonards and working in Bexhill  after a few jaunts abroad and in a couple of UK cities, returned to East Sussex nearly 12 years ago and did'nt realise how much I missed living by the sea. 

We've all heard that sea air is good for you  - St Leonards was a destination from stressed out Londoners hundreds of years ago ( pre DFL's  - DownFromLondon ) and FILTH's  -( FailedInLondonTryingHastings)  and those suffering from TB ( at The Eversfield Hospital on West Hill ) spent time on the coast to recouperate

Well, now there is evidence to back up the theory that being by the sea makes us happier and healthier  - even looking at it reduces heart rates and improves mood. 

Could a money-back scheme clean up the UK's plastic bottle plague?

Councils across England could save up to £35m every year if the government introduces a deposit return scheme for drinks containers, according to a new report published in the Guardian 

What are the most profitable renovations for your home

Autumn is typically the time to enjoy all of the hard work you've put into your property over the Summer and cosy up in time for the winter  -  I'm mad on Interior design ( having spent since May redecorating a bathroom and bedroom ) ?! don't ask...

So this article in  - caught my eye.

"what will add the most value to your home based on your budget and current house price "

"There are many ways to boost the value of your property, from bathroom renovations to adding new features to your garden.

Sometimes, however, the cost of any project may outweigh the value it brings to your property.

To help you figure out if the updates are actually worth it, Towergate Insurance have created an interactive tool that allows you to find out which home renovations add the most value to your property in terms of resale.

ll you have to do is enter your house value and budget into the tool to see which home renovations will bring you the biggest profit, based on average price increases and renovation costs.

The infographic below reveals the most profitable renovations based on the average house price (£207,308) in the UK.

Families forced to pay for private bin collectors as funding cuts bite

Local Councils are cutting household bin collections to once every fortnight in a bid to encourage recycling.

Local businessess in Greater Manchester are charging £25 a month for  the additional service and claiming that they are emptying 200 bins per day.

To make matters worse, residents in Birmingham have endured a 3 month strike over the summer by refuse collectors with the cost to Birmingham City Council of a rumoured £40,000 per day.

Residents have stated they have been left with no choice but to sign up for a collection that they should be getting for their contribution to council tax

Some have raised fears of a fly tipping crisis as cash-strapped councils are imposing the first monthly collections.

As my blog "How can the UK solve the litter crisis " previously reported after the last Bank Holiday in Hastings highlighted the need for Hastings Borough Council to provide more bins in public areas , the figures reported on fly tipping are on the increase  - and getting worse. 

Figures can't be found for after 2015 - but they are steadily on the rise.

Corrie Warburton, a 33-year-old mother of two, said: “I do not like it because I have to pay my council tax as well. It is just not fair but there is nothing I can do about it. It is ridiculous having a collection only every three weeks.”

'We generate a lot of waste'

Government cuts have meant local authorities have looked at ways of saving millions of pounds, including reducing bin collections, and some Councils argue this is a bid to encourage residents to recycle more and in turn, reduce household refuse.

A spokesman for Conwy Council said: “By collecting refuse less frequently, households are encouraged to make full use of weekly recycling and food waste collections.”

More locally - the HOTAG " Hastings Old Town Appreciation Group " Facebook page, has highlighted the fact that households have been waiting up to 3 months for recycling bags from Hastings Borough Council following issues with the suppliers and Violia.

I've had issues myself, and due to living in St Leonards, have been refused a bin and gull proof bags and have had to dispose of rubbish myself  ( and now recycling as they refuse to pick it up if it is'nt in a pink bag regardless of what has been reported ! ) for the last 12 years of living there. 

The below picture is typical of collection day on the street where I live before they removed the bin  - however it has'nt solved the problem as last week there was an ice cream freezer and a three piece sofa on the street !? .. 

We can help ..

Due to the increase in demand recently , we can now offer residents extra collections of private household waste in the Hastings, Bexhill & St Leonards areas - it's still early days and hopefully we will be able to expand to cover more areas in future. 
  • Next day service 
  • One off or regular collection days available
  • Flexible service, 5 days per week.
  • No contract  - fixed price per empty and disposal of your domestic 240lt wheelie bin.
  • We are fully licensed & compliant  - see our licence here
  • We operate our own Transfer site in Eastbourne.
  • Award winners of the 1066 Green Business Award - we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and recycle 92% of our waste - 0% gets sent to landfill.
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Read the full articles in the Mail & The Telegraph 
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Construction : A Waste Free Future ?

Article by Croner-i HS&E

The Construction Industry is being tasked to recycle higher value material reuse. There should be matching reductions in final disposal, energy consumption, carbon emissions and wet work. But new rules and a new mindset will almost certainly be involved, points out Jon Herbert.

The Story Of Bin Man Dan & The Business Jet Model

As every small to medium business is aware, there is lots of help and advice on how to grow from creating plans & strategies, networking events ,Government funding schemes & Business coaching mentors and leadership training.

It's Recycling Week ! - 10 things you didn't know you could recycle

A recent survey looked at why we recycle and what areas we need to get better in.

However, before you undergo a frenzy, check out what and where can be reprocessed in your area using this Postcode Locator

How can the UK solve the litter crisis ?

It was shocking to see the recent posts on Facebook regarding the amount of waste left on Hastings seafront after the last Bank Holiday and what seems to lack of adequate provision of suitable and adequate bins around the town to accomodate the amount produced.

10 food offcuts into essential ingredients

Food waste is big news  - here's some handy hints to do your bit in the war on waste 

Four in 10 Brits would use company with humourous name..

Britain's most bizarre business names revealed  

Deciding on a memorable name for your company and the associated branding is a big consideration for the marketing of any small businessess  - larger corperations have teams and huge marketing budgets on how to sell their products or services , is it as easy as coming up with a humourous name to attract customers ? 

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