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How can the UK solve the litter crisis ?

It was shocking to see the recent posts on Facebook regarding the amount of waste left on Hastings seafront after the last Bank Holiday and what seems to lack of adequate provision of suitable and adequate bins around the town to accomodate the amount produced.

10 food offcuts into essential ingredients

Food waste is big news  - here's some handy hints to do your bit in the war on waste 

Four in 10 Brits would use company with humourous name..

Britain's most bizarre business names revealed  

Deciding on a memorable name for your company and the associated branding is a big consideration for the marketing of any small businessess  - larger corperations have teams and huge marketing budgets on how to sell their products or services , is it as easy as coming up with a humourous name to attract customers ? 

Standing up for transport in the South East

The chair of the newly-formed Transport for the South East group says authorities will speak with ‘one voice’ to develop a strategic plan to transform the region’s infrastructure and drive economic growth.

In a recent article published by the Environment Journal, Cllr Keith Glazier  - leader of East Sussex County Council, admits in the past the region "was missing out on a coordinated approach to issues,Hence we started the ball rolling out on a coordinated approach ’.

The new partnership, launched last month, brings together the area’s 16 authorities and five local enterprise partnerships to work directly with the Department for Transport.

It will include road and rail-builders, Highways England and Network Rail, operators, consumers and other key interest groups and intends to secure full government backing and statutory powers within two years.

Cllr Glazier says the idea came from an ADEPT conference last year, which featured presentations from other regional partnerships, such as Transport for the North and Midland Connect.

Realistic approach

Areas covered by the new group include Berkshire, Brighton and Hove, Kent, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Medway, Portsmouth, Southampton, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex.

  • As a region, it has 7.5 million residents and more than 24,000 miles of road while its ports collectively handle 81 million tonnes of freight each year.
  • ‘The south east is only second to London when it comes to providing revenue, and yet we have missed out on major strategic infrastructure funding.
  • ‘I genuinely believe, as do all my colleagues, that by working together we can coordinate the needs about the south east and be realistic about our approach, because clearly there is not a big pot of money that will allow these things to happen.’

Cllr Glazier says one of the big priorities for the group is improving connectivity around the region.

‘We have some major strategic projects that are going ahead, such as the Lower Thames Crossing and the expansion of Heathrow,’ he says. ‘They are all out there now and yet our ability to put them in the context of the whole south east is pretty limited. I think one voice speaking on behalf of all of us will have much more of an effect.’

Tackling poor connectivity

Businessess and commuters in the area have been heavily affected by ongoing Rail Strikes and disruption caused by over a year by Southern Rail   - check out the twiiter page of southernfail

Cllr Glazier says ‘the sooner the government, unions and Southern sort it out, the better - This is not about spending maintenance funds in different ways. This is about taking a strategic view of what would enable the south east to work better.

‘We have some major businesses now thinking whether they in the right place and should they move? We can’t be complacent about these things. We just need to address the issues of business and the people who live here.’

The new body will also look at issues around electric vehicles, smart ticketing and the region’s ports.

Leader of Surrey County Council, David Hodge, comments: ‘This is an important step towards our aim of improving travel for commuters and businesses in the region, whether that’s by rail, road or air..Not only will working as one team in this way give us a bigger say on delivering better transport, it will mean we can help to drive growth in the engine room of the nation’s economy.’

Has the strike affected your business ?  - Get in touch, like and share .. 


Plastic straws - the 5p tax is coming...

Following the introduction of the Plastic bag tax in October 2015  there have been several stories reported in the press that Coffee cups and now plastic straws will possibly be subject to the same in order to reduce useage and environmental impact, and the current charge to increase to a whopping £1.00The Express 20th July 

Food Waste - Are you doing enough ?

The world's first Zero Waste Supermarket opened in February this year amid much publicity and to promote awareness of the shocking facts and figures around Food Waste and recycling.

Last year the FairShare Project redistributed enough food for 18.3 million meals .

tougher data protection rules for sme's in 2018

Business Owners need to prepare for 2018 change  to Data Protection Law

First published in The Telegraph 18th May

More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050 ?

That's a scary thought ..

As reported in the Guardian , Round-the-world sailor Dame Ellen MacArthur launched a $2m (£1.5m) competition in partnership with the Prince of Wales in London on May 18th to encourage the reduction of plastics in the world’s oceans and target the 30% of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled because of the way it is constructed.

Globally, only 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling and by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish, MacArthur warned.

Simon Ellin of the Recycling Association has accused the Pringles brand as an example of failure to consider recycling in design by using several materials for packaging them – other offenders include Lucozade Sport and whisky packaging.

He said the biggest problems came when multiple materials were used in the same packaging. In the case of Pringles,

 “What idiot designed this in terms of recyclability? We’ve got a cardboard tube, a metal bottom, a plastic lid and was also critical of Lucozade Sport and bottles with a similar design, where a recyclable bottle is enclosed in a sleeve made from a different type of plastic. He called the design the “No 2 villain”.

“This bottle is so confusing to computer scanners that it has to be picked by hand off the recycling conveyor,” he said. “Then it often just gets chucked away.”

Product designers need to retreat from “the Pringles factor” in order to make their packaging more recyclable, and cleaning products in spray bottles were misleading when they claimed to be recyclable because of the presence of other polymers and a metal spring. Colouring that made some plastic food trays black – so red meat looks more appetising – made them “worthless”. He also said the metal in whisky packaging made it a problem for recycling.

asbestos : what are the risks?

What you need to know

British Summertime has commenced and it's traditionally the time of year when houseowners & contractors are at their busiest with building works and refurbs.

3 funky ways to repurpose your old shirts

3 Ways To Repurpose Old Shirts

Reduce, reuse, repurpose!

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